Home Decorating Ideas You Can Live With

Home decorating ideas can bring a house to life. More importantly, how your house looks tells your guests who you are. And there’s the problem, right?

You don’t want people looking at your beige walls and thinking you’re beige. Or noticing your ratty furniture and thinking you’re (oh no!) ratty. But you can’t afford to hire a professional for home decorating ideas or to buy the furniture, art and other items that really reflect who you are.

Actually, you can! With a little imagination, some elbow grease, and good planning, you can create the beautiful space you’ve always dreamed about—without waiting to win the lottery.


Interior Design Ideas

Jane from home-remodeling-decorating.com

Hi. My name is Jane and, like you, I believe in getting value for my money. I’ve always scouted out bargains, shopped at discount stores, and done a lot of home remodel work myself instead of shelling out big bucks. 

After building and remodeling several homes, I learned that staying on a budget is key, and always looked for money saving interior design ideas.  When I hired contractors, I watched them like a hawk, asking lots of questions and even working alongside them. I scoured magazines for home decorating ideas, read home remodel books, and picked up interior design ideas from friends who are professional designers and model home stagers. 

Today, I know how to take a small investment and turn it into a fabulous room, making me happy as well as adding to my home equity. It gives me such a great feeling I just have to share it! Home decorating is something everyone can do. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

This site is jam packed with helpful info I wish someone had shared with me. Here you’ll discover home decorating ideas and examples, and things to think about when planning your next home remodel project, such as:

  • How to decorate with paint—fearlessly
  • Great décor ideas for bedrooms 
  • Inexpensive kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas
  • Fabulous window treatments you can make for a fraction of the cost
  • Ways to transform a dingy garage into a room the whole family can use (garage gym / family game room)
  • Remodeling ideas for fireplaces that take center stage
  • How to completely redesign the look of your home
  • What you should avoid doing (Drywalling ceilings is really hard!)
  • Yard projects, fences, gardens, gates, fountains, etc.
  • And much, much more


Welcome To A World Of Your Own Design

If you’re nervous about tackling a home remodel or decorating project, you aren’t alone. Many people doubt that they can create a room or home they absolutely love.

But I’ve discovered that everyone has the ability, all they need are some good interior design ideas to get them started. The secret is to realize that designing your space is really a path to self-discovery, to understanding what colors and textures and objects you love—and how to use them.

This approach to decorating and home remodel means that the word mistake simply doesn’t exist. Yes, you may want to repaint a color that isn’t quite right or consult a professional to get some fresh home decorating ideas. Ultimately, however, you’ll find selecting your décor is a process that tells you a lot about yourself and helps you find the freedom to express who you are.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Have A Home You Love.

Whether you’re like me, always trying to stretch a dollar, or you’re new to the frugal fold because this economy has turned a lot of our old ways upside down, you deserve décor that reflects your spirit.

Home interior decorating can be a joyful, exciting, creative experience, no matter how much money you have to work with. I hope you enjoy learning how to make your home fabulous without spending a fortune.

Please visit my site often to get new interior design ideas and inspiration for your next home remodel project and share us with your friends.


Happy Remodeling and Decorating!