why is tree pruning important?

Your trees have likely been in your yard since before you moved in. They may even seem to take care of themselves! Even though tree pruning may seem like a luxury, there are numerous reasons to consider caring for your trees.

If you would like to have your trees live long and prosper, maintenance pruning can extend their lives. Also the safety and structure of your trees can be addressed to protect you and your property which also can be supportive for the tree's health. Call upon an ISA Certified Arborist® who can give you the best advice and perform proper pruning.

Obvious reasons to prune trees

  • Dead wood in the tree
  • Tree is blocking too much light
  • Excess weight on long or droopy branches
  • Limbs are too close to gutters, roof or siding
  • Broken branches are hanging in the tree (safety hazard!)
  • Branches are interfering with your activities and view around driveways, doorways, windows, patios, pool etc...
Early Spring Pruning of a White Ash tree
The homeowner wanted the lowest branches above the house removed for ventilation, light, and aesthetics. Structural pruning was done to improve strength and durability.

not so obvious reasons to prune trees

  • Weak or diseased branches--remove to minimize spread of disease or pest
  • Crossing and rubbing branches--eliminate damage to the tree branches
  • Branches are interfering with power lines, telephone or cable lines.
  • Structural integrity of individual branches or the whole tree is not ideal but could be improved.
  • Decrease wind resistance to reduce changes of tree falling over or breakage of individual branches
  • Aesthetics of the tree could improve your appreciation of the tree
  • Safety for people, play areas, cars, sheds and other outdoor structures, pets, and the small trees or shrubs growing underneath.
Just started pruning this Red Maple to establish a sound structure for maturing.
Completion of Pruning. This young tree will be fine for a number of years as the crown expands.

Red Maple tree, before (left), and near the end of pruning(right). Pruning this healthy and vigorously growing adolescent tree will decrease the weight on the branches, let wind blow through the tree and allow much more light into the house next to it.

This first-ever pruning will create the branching structure for the tree to mature with well spaced and strong main leaders.  Another pruning in several years will set the stage for this maple to grow into a beautiful, strong, mature tree that the homeowners enjoy having outside their front door.

Pruning and Cabling a large Red Maple. Can you find the Arborist?

The main Goal of tree pruning is simply:

  • To minimize any hazards 
  • To create strong trunks and limbs 
  • To create a structure of branches that can withstand blowing wind, weight of snow, ice, and wet leaves, flowers, fruits or nuts 
  • To create an overall balanced branch structure in terms of weight and shape 
  • To create a branching structure that will survive to maturity, or in the case of a mature tree, preserve the tree as long as possible for it’s condition and environment.

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